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      Steering wheel covers can be hard to put on sometimes. This article will be your installation guide and walk you through a step by step to help you answer the question how to put on a steering wheel cover much easier.

      The primary explanation they're hard to put on lies in their design. The manufacturers have to make the covers in a particular way so they could fit the wheel as firmly as possible.

      Since our steering wheel covers are mostly the stretching type, we will focus the guide on them instead.

      Step 1: Heat the cover to soften it up

      This step will help extend the flexibility of the cover enough so that you could put on the steering wheel. Please keep the heat of each section for about 10 seconds and gradually move along the cover until it's warm and flexible enough.

      Step 2: Pull the cover over the top part of the wheel

      After done heating the cover up, you can start installing your cover into the steering wheel by slide the top side of the cover over the top part of it. Make sure the seam of the cover is facing down.

      Step 3: Stretch out both sides

      When the top part of the cover is on the wheel, you need to alternate stretch between the left and right side until the cover fit better. You should repeat that many times as you go down the wheel.

      Step 4: Slide the cover over the bottom

      The most resistance of your steering wheel should be the bottom. Try pulling the cover over the bottom by force as much as you can until it fits all over the wheel. And that's when you finished the installation. Good job!